Bild vergrößern Cleaning concrete formwork components

Model LIMA 600 L and Grat-O-Fix® 600 L is already
being used by more than 50
Formwork Companies worldwide.
Approx. max. filling weight: 800 kg LIMA machine
600 kg Grat-O-Fix machine
Variable drum rotation: 4-18 rpm
Size: 3000 mm wide x 1500 mm deep x 2000 mm high

Large image Model Grat-O-Fix ® 600 L
Model Grat-O-Fix ® 600 L in action in Dubai during the building of the Burj Al Arab hotel

Large image Trommel gefüllt
Drum filled with different size parts

Large image LIMA Maschine
The latest design. On the left with doors and drum open,

LIMA Maschine im geschlossenen Zustand
on the right with doors and drum closed

Large image Arbeitsweise
Tip parts into the drum from a container. Set rotational speed and timer. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the parts being cleaned. The concrete dust is automatically extracted. At the end of the cycle tip contents from the drum into a container under the drum. HEALTH AND SAFETY The drum is lined with an extra tough elastomer lining which has a life of approx. 10 years. Dust is extracted by a built in dust collection unit. The noise level is approx. 72 dBA (The sketch on the left shows flame cut steel blanks being deburred. The principle is the same on all machines.

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